Forest Harbor

Ruciane–Nida, Poland

Ruciane–Nida is a small town in Masuria, a lake region in north–eastern Poland. Situated beautifully on a hilly promontory in a pine forest, and alongside the most attended sailing route, the local harbor is a popular stop for sailors.

The new harbor facilities housed in a group of wooden pavilions, unified under one roof by exterior walkways, replace an old, decommissioned building.

A slight rotation off the north–south axis gives the building the best possible view of the lake, combined with southern sunlight exposure.

The building blends into the hilly pine forest, with its volume following the topography.

The entrance lobby (1), restaurant (2) and short–stay rooms (3) offer a panorama of the lake. A boatswain office (4) and workshop (5) overlook the quay. An outdoor kitchen and sanitary facilities for sailors (6) are located to the west, where most of the boats moor in the evening to stay overnight. All facilities are connected by external, roofed walkways and terraces.

Half of the short–stay rooms is located on the upper level, accessible via individual stairs. As a result, all rooms have a view of the lake, and are accessed from a single hallway.